The Kruger National Park is probably Africa’s most famous wildlife reserve and is roughly the size of Wales. It provides a haven for 147 mammal species, about 490 bird species, 94 different reptiles, 33 amphibian species and a host of floral species including at least 200 different types of trees. It is an ideal getaway for a holiday as it has accommodation to suit all budgets , a well developed road structure accessible in all weather and various activities to amuse all visitors’ tastes

The Big Five, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant, are the most sought after animals in the Kruger National Park and while they are found all over the Park, there are certain hotspots to find these major viewing attractions.

Meerkat Manor in co-operation with “Discover Kruger” can assist with game drives. Discover Kruger offer a variety of drives to suit everyone’s desires and dreams and are predominately based in the southern parts of the park covering the grasslands, thicket and riverine habitats,  however they are not limited to these areas and can do specialized drives to the various other parts of the Park. Simply send us an email and we will provide more information.