Every time you stay at Meerkat Manor Guest house, you get rewarded for your loyalty

Frequent Guest Loyalty Program 

  • Earn Points every time you stay at here
  • Convert points for discount on a booking at any time  

How do I earn Points ?

  • 10% of your total booking amount will be converted to points for example if the booking was R1200 , you earn 120 points (which = R120). This is only applicable to direct bookings from our website or via phone and email.
  • In the event of a booking with discount rates or bookings received from travel agents or booking websites, you will earn 7% of your total bookings for example if the booking was R1200 , you earn 84 points (which = R84).

Book directly with us and earn maximum points

How do I use my points ?

  • At any given time when you make a booking, simply request that the points be converted to Rand and this will be used as a discount on your total amount payable. This is only applicable if you book directly with us.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Loyalty Program is ongoing and not limited to a certain time frame.
  • Converted Points can only be used for a discount on a booking. (Rand value)
  • No benefit may be redeemed for value or otherwise exchanged.
  • Points cannot be transferred to someone else to use. Original earner of the points has to use the points.
  • Meerkat Manor reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program, or parts thereof, on reasonable notice.
  • Meerkat Manor cannot be held responsible for correspondence sent to you, which is lost or delayed in the mail.
  • All bookings are subject to existing terms and conditions prevailing at the time booking.
  • All bookings and benefits are subject to availability.
  • Meerkat Manor reserves the right to verify the member’s identity to ensure the member receives all applicable benefits and rewards.
  • Points can only be used at Normal Rates, not discounted rates.